A family-owned restaurant, Benton Lee’s Steakhouse has brought South Georgia the best steaks on famously big platters for over 38 years — serving enormous portions that leave you satisfied, with a taste so good, so tender, you have to pull the reigns on yourself not to leave STUFFED.

Settled on the banks of the Altamaha River in Uvalda, Georgia, (just outside of Vidalia, home of the world-famous Vidalia Sweet Onion) Benton Lee’s Steakhouse offers a “down home” atmosphere of fun and relaxation.

Founder Benton Lee Powell was blessed to have a business that spanned almost four decades, spawning a legend of large plates teeming with perfectly grilled slabs of beef. Benton Lee’s fame has spread, as far as can be told — and thanks to its patrons — all over the United States.

Thank you, Benton Lee Powell, for the celebrated traditions established at Benton Lee’s Steakhouse.

On November 7th, 2006, Benton Lee’s Steakhouse burned down due to a grease fire in the stove’s brick chimneys. Did this mean that the legend of large plates with overly generous portions of steak, chicken, and seafood grappling its edges had died? No…

Vickey Michele Horton and Wayne T. Horton continue what Benton Lee Powell began some 40 years earlier. The new owners have rebuilt Benton Lee’s Steakhouse edifice and promise the almost four decades of tradition remain alive within the new cypress walls of the widely renowned restaurant. Renovations, including a spacious deck overlooking the oak-lined Altamaha River, have been completed. Vickey Michele Horton and Wayne T. Horton christened the kitchen with the unmistakable sizzle of beef searing on hot grills Friday, November 9th, 2007, — one year and two days after the devastating fire. Doors officially opened for family dining Monday, November 12th.

Keeping with history of the Benton Lee’s Steakhouse come to the return of the faithful employees and customers that have been a blessing to Benton Lee’s Steakhouse. First to come back were employees Jill Clarke (who worked for Benton Lee 9 years), Bonnie Stapleton (15 years), and Faye Vinson for (16 years). Also in keeping with history, the faithful local customers have returned to us. For years these faithful customers have supported Benton Lee’s Steakhouse and they have been faithful to return to the traditions at Benton Lee’s Steakhouse.